Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | March 20, 2008

It’s Not About the Technology

Several people, including Dean and Darren, have posted “Day in the Life of” slideshows.  When Dean asked Darren, Clarence and I to speak to his class at the University of Regina via Elluminate, I decided to follow their example.  As my sister often says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.   Since my students are much cuter than I am, I decided to make it a day in one of their lives instead of my own.  I chose the student who was the first one in the door in the morning.  He got a little tired of my constant picture taking, so although he was still reluctantly humouring me, I branched out to some other students who were more than eager to take his place.   

I have had teachers ask me if my students ever write on paper.  Of course they do!  Almost every day!  Because of this, I wanted to show Dean’s students that technology is not always the best choice as a teaching tool. It is just one of the tools that I can choose from when I am planning the best learning option for my class.  It can, however, give us opportunities that no other tool can such as opportunities for connection, for an audience and for transparency.

I used two videos in my pesentation as well, one about comparing capacity of containers and another about how to kick a soccer ball.




  1. I am flattered by I think you’ve done a much better job than I. What an excellent way to discuss your classroom as well model the attitude all teachers should have; putting the students first. I regret not being able to stay and hear it all live but I have listened to the Elluminate recording. As always, you were great!

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