Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | March 29, 2008

The Yackpack is Back!

I’m always on the lookout for web 2.0 tools that work well with primary children.  The YackPack WalkieTalkie Widget is just that.  We have had it embedded into our classroom blog, and people from around the world have “popped in” to our classroom by simply clicking on it and talking to us.  I leave my classroom blog open on my computer during the school day for just these occasions.   The children are all very excited when this happens.  We have a short chat and then we all go over to our world map and mark the spot where that person lives.  The picture on the left is from last year’s class, with red thumbtacks marking the spots.  It has also been a great tool for chatting live with our various blogging buddies.   Unfortunately, near the end of February, the Yackpack disappeared.  I was finally able to contact someone who sent me an email that said  

We’re not quite done fixing the widget problem. We have the basic YackPack UI back but no audio. When audio gets fixed, I believe widgets will work again.

It’s a frustrating problem for us. 

Obviously they have been able to solve the problem, and we can once again go live to the world.  Thanks, Yackpack!  I will have twenty-four happy children when I return to school on Monday. Give us a call.  We’d love to chat.



  1. yes, YackPack is back — both walkietalkie and the full-on service.

    It really sucked when we were offline. Apologies to everyone.

    We’ve refunded or credited everyone’s account.

    We now can offer our service for less money. That’s why we made the change (and ran into problems along the way).

    BJ Fogg
    CEO, YackPack

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