Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | May 11, 2008

Captivation and Connection

I’m sitting at home working on my computer on a Friday night. (Boring life, I know, but I have to do something between folding loads of laundry.) I hear the little ping that lets me know I have an email.  Thinking it is an email I just sent to a new recipient being returned, I check it.  Instead, it is a blog article from Hailey, one of the six year old students in my class.  She writes “Hi Ncol gess what we got to take with our bogging butty in aschaiea it was fun.”  


Two things are noteworthy about this.  First of all it is the weekend, and she is writing on her blog, definitely a school–type activity.  It must be something that she enjoys. 


Secondly, she is writing to Nicole, who was her blogging mentor at the University of Regina this past semester.  Although she did get to meet Nicole once, all other interaction with her has been through the blog and somehow she has formed a definite attachment.  (She is referring to a Skype chat she had a couple of evenings before with another blogging buddy her own age in Australia.)


These are two things that I love about blogging with my class.  The way it captivates the kids’ interest and the connections that they make.  (Never mind the fact that she demonstrated the use of a capital letter at the beginning and on Nicole’s name and that she ended with a period—two things I’m looking for on her writing rubric next month.)   


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