Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | May 16, 2008

Talkin’ ’bout Tlt

I just returned from the Tlt Summit in Saskatoon and I’m still in the “go” mode of conferences.  There were lots of great ideas and thoughts to ponder.  We were treated to keynotes from the diverse thoughts of George Siemens, Alan November, Rick Schwier and Stephen Downes.  My head is spinning. 


At the conference I heard over and over that one of the best parts of this kind of conference is getting to meet face to face with people that you have met online, or at earlier conferences.  This is so true.  The attendees shared a passion for learning and a desire to help their students use technology in effective ways.  The conversation always turned to learning and how to improve it.


A couple of primary goodies from the conference: Kelly Christopherson shared Go2Web20, a site that allows you to search web 2.0 tools by tag. (Hint:  Try the “kids” tag.) A great find.  Marnie McMillan presented a wiki to go with her Writing on the Web session.


I did a session about using web 2.0 tools with elementary students.  Because I already had a wiki for primary, I set up an elementary wiki for this conference as well, focusing on grades three to eight.  Here is my slide deck from the presentation.


Tlt was a great experience.  I can’t wait until next year.



  1. […] right here from Saskatchewan like Dean Shareski, Rob Wall, Kyle Lichtenwald, Alec Couros and Kathy Cassidy. I enjoyed lunch and drinks with many of these same people plus listened and learned from Jennifer […]

  2. Kathy, loved your presentation. Any chance we could do some planning so that I could “steal” you for a day to work with the primary teachers in my school – maybe sometime early next year? I have been following your students and what you have been doing although I haven’t commented in a while. Keep up the tremendous work.

  3. Absolutely, Kelly. Thanks for your help in the session. Do you think we convinced anyone about the online safety thing?

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