Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | October 20, 2008

Look, It Can Dance!

We had a great time today with a new tool I discovered on a site recommended by Kelly ChristophersonPictaps is first of all a drawing tool.  It gives you choices of shapes or lines, choices of colour and choices of line thickness.  It starts you with a basic body shape outline, but you can change this shape to whatever form you like.  After you have completed your “creation” it turns the drawing into a dancing video which you can embed on your blog.  My students were absorbed drawing their own monsters and even more captivated when they got to watch them dance.  Even the ones who got the “error” message (I think twenty-four was too many on the site at once) were happy to try again, and in some cases again.


I can’t get it to embed in WordPress, (suggestions welcomed) but you can check out Deigan’s monster, Dancing Bob.






  1. This is way too much fun. Must get it unblocked at school so we all can have some fun!

  2. Thanks for this awesome site. I can’t wait to try it out with all my classes grades 1 to 6. I’m sure they’ll think it as neat as I do.

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