Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | November 15, 2008

Starting Right

Sheryl Forsman has just started blogging with her first grade students.  Before she started blogging, she spent a lot of time thinking about why she would blog and what she would do if she had a blog.  How do I know?  Just look at this list that was one of the first entries on her blog.


20 Uses for Our Classroom Blog  

Why did we create a classroom blog and how will we use it?
1. document our growth across the year
2. inform families of what we are doing
3. expand our audience
4. collaborate with other first grade bloggers
5. use another form of writing
6. learn about writing for an audience
7. learn about digital literacy
8. document favorite events of this year
9. integrate writing with other subjects
10. write book reviews
11. write journal entries
12. respond to class assignments
13. free choice writing
14. develop keyboard skills
15. communicate with each other
16. collaborate with reading buddies from other classrooms
17. collaborate with teachers from the university as blogging buddies pictures of our work
19. learn about visual literacy through the design of our pages
20. to have fun!


What a great list.  What a great way to start.



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  2. What a great list. Hope to share some of your ideas with the teachers in my schools. We are hoping to get lots of class blogs AND student blogs off the ground this year and get them truly integrated in the classroom. Thanks for posting!

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