Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | November 12, 2009

Primary Media Literacy

Last week, in celebration of Media Literacy Week, I was (via Skype) part of an event held in Winnipeg and organized by ManAce.  The organizers planned a packed evening, beginning with four presenters from different parts of Canada who worked with a wide variety of students (I was the token primary representative) and followed by a panel discussion.  Each of the four initial presenters had five minutes to present their point of view, followed by questions.

Because I wanted to include student voices in my presentation, I used a video for part of what I wanted to say.  In making the video, I was inspired by the great video that the organizers of the event had made–it started me thinking about what media literacy looks like in a primary classroom.

Through the magic of Slideshare, my video is part of my slides below.  Can primary students be media literate?  You betcha!



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