Posted by: Kathy Cassidy | November 17, 2009

Telling the Story with Storybird

Recently I blogged about my top ten list of tools for primary classes.  Shortly after that, I received a couple of emails from Tikatok, which was on my list, about changes in their policies, so I have replaced that choice.

While I still like the fact that Tikatok allows you to have your book printed, their stories can no longer be viewed when embedded into a blog (unless you are logged in), and they now do not allow children to use the site without sending a signed permission form to their offices.

I am planning to use Storybird with my students instead.  Storybird allows embeds. Instead of students drawing their own pictures, they can choose from pre-made illustrations in different artistic styles.  The benefit to using these would be to force students to focus on their writing–including editing.

Amanda Marrinan, who has used Storybird to publish her student’s work, says, “Anything that keeps my kids so engaged that they don’t want to go home, even on a Friday, has to be good.”  Anything that helps students to be better writers has to be good.



  1. Ms. Cassidy I’m a student at The University of South Alabama and I was given your blog site as an assignment for my EDM 310 class. I enjoyed looking at all your post that you have done and choose two of them to comment on. I loved to concept of using storybird. I had never thought about a learning tool like that nor did I know it existed. It’s always good to learn new things.

  2. […] You Give a Child a Tool… Last November I blogged about the prospect of using Storybird in my classroom.  This past week, I felt that my students […]

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